Hotel Linen Laundry Service

Airbnb Laundry Service in Cortez

Do you have a vacation rental or an Airbnb? With Airbnbs becoming more popular, owners of vacation rentals are finding themselves turning into full service hotels! If you are tired of washing bedding and towels after each guest leaves, let us help you! Plaza Laundry will take on the laundry responsibilities so you don't have to! You can schedule our pickup and delivery laundry service any time you need us! We are happy come out to you on a regular basis or we can do laundry pickup by request. We will fold sheets in sets for you to make your job easier! Make up rooms easily and simply with Plaza Laundry's pickup and delivery laundry service. 

Plaza Laundry only uses premium products to launder your linens. We only use premium brand products for your vacation rental laundry. Each item is treated with care, laundered and folded before being delivered back to you, ready for your next guest!

If you are interested in a laundry service for your vacation rental or laundry service for your Airbnb, contact us today for a quote. We also offer laundry service for VRBO and laundry service for Vacation Rental By Owner. Plus we offer special pricing to our commercial customers! Call us for more information at 970-565-8467 or schedule a pickup online!

Servicing Dolores, Cortez, Tawaoc, and Mancos, Colorado